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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

A bathroom can and will add value to your home! let Quality Plumbing show you how! One can say that a Bathroom idea is a figment of ones own creation and inner ability to create something beautiful. The bathroom especially the master bathroom should always leave you with a feeling of inner peace. It should reflect tranquility, luxury and space. It should be your private space where you can de-stress your mind from a hard day’s work. It should be your Zen place. A place where body, mind and soul can be rejuvenated. Ad mentioned before a bathroom can add immense value to any home. There are may styles that one can choose from.

Let us look at a few Bathroom ideas and styles to consider.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on the master bathroom idea.

A. Style:

  1. Modern classic bathroom idea design: This style seems to be the trend for the 2016’s. It is a combination of geometric shapes, patterns. High quality materials and wood décor but with a simplistic and clean feeling. A less is more approach is very essential with this design.

  2. The never outdated Victorian bathroom idea design creates a romantic and pampered feeling.

  3. The contemporary bathroom idea design: strong bold lines that divines form and energy. Accessorizing plays a major role in this type of style.

B: A few ways to enhance your bathroom.

  1. Smaller bathrooms: enhance with a Japanese tub. These tubs are normally fuller and creates space.

  2. Wall to wall windows creates more space with.

  3. A walk in dual shower in a master bathroom with a beautiful rainfall shower head creates an illusion of luxury.

  4. Free standing bath or baths with clawed feet creates a feeling of relaxation and luxury.

  5. Replacing a wall with a sliding door to outside creates a romantic feeling of nature and the outdoors.

  6. Huge wall to wall mirrors creates and illusion of space.

  7. Chandeliers in a bathroom is becoming a rapid trend as it creates a feeling of luxury

Quality Plumbing can assist in building your master bathroom. All you have to do is research your bathroom design idea well. Decide on a style and features of your bathroom. Give us a call and together we can assist in creating your Zen bathroom.

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